This photographic series is a reflection, exploration, parody and conclusion on the regressive representations of women and the female body in nude fine art. Created in a series of diptychs, the series presents two sides of the issue. Positioned on the left is the traditional and uncompromisingly popular passive, powerless, identity-less, and feminine body. This body exists not as a woman but as a female, solely for the voyeuristic gaze of the male viewer and his sexual gratification. Contrary, on the right side is a positive and woman-made, self-actualized, confrontational nude that engages the viewer and addresses the gaze directly. In this act, the object becomes subject, becomes woman, becomes person, and becomes individual. My purpose is to illustrate the prevalence of the objectification, oppression, and dehumanization of women in fine art today, and to present a feminist and ethical new model for the art world and beyond.

Resources / Inspiration

The writings of Carol Mavor, Griselda Pollock, Judith Butler and Laura Mulvey

The art of Barbara Kruger and Cindy Sherman

The ever-evolving Feminist Movement

The constant disappointment I feel when experiencing regressive modern representations of women and their bodies in fine art. 

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