About the Artist

My name is Allea Lovely.
I am a queer intersectional feminist artist interested in themes of the body, sexuality, identity, and gender. I use primarily digital and film photography to create works informed by feminist and LGBTQAI+ politics and literature. My practice emphasizes deconstructing regressive/oppressive institutionalized, social, and media norms and mores to create a more ethical, diverse, and inclusive spectrum of representation for all peoples.

Because I believe that everyone deserves to experience self love, empowerment, and bodily autonomy through photography, I offer commissioned portraits on an affordable sliding scale rate as well as being open to bartering and trades. I also accept donations to support my labor, travel, and film costs via the website giftrocket.com (using my email allealovely@gmail.com). 

I am currently looking for models interested in the following:
*Nudes/ Implied Nudes /Semi-Nude /Erotic /Sensual /Sexual /Fetish /ect. 
*LGBTQAI+ Ethical & Aware Representation
*Race, Body, Age, and Ability Diverse & Positive Representation
*Intimate, Explicit, & Empowering Photos of People with their Menses
*Ethical & Aware Portraits of Sex Workers/Dancers/Cam Models/Phone Sex Line Workers/ Ect.
*Ethical & Aware Portraits of People with Physical, Cognitive, and Mental Illnesses, Impairments, and Disabilities

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